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I have met my hero, and she is me.

It’s been 1 month of training and I have exactly 2 more months to go. I’ve been able to accomplish something I never thought this printer ever could… 6 consecutive miles in 61min! Now I know to some that might be rather slow, but I’m proud of it considering just a few weeks ago just thinking of running more than 3 miles scared the poop right out of me. 

This sprinter/ jumper is becoming a distance runner!

Today made for a rather great run. I decided to run alone today, instead of with the Club, just to see how much I could push myself. I did 4mi in just under 40min, not my best, but It felt GREAT - as the run progressed I found myself picking up the speed yet I hardly felt out of breath. The air was crisp and the sun beaming on my face really made me feel plain ‘ol happy. I’ve found myself feeling happy after runs, probably because I have been accomplishing my goals and not giving up at the thought of adding on yet another mile. 

My life is currently in limbo, no longer a student (for the time being) but not yet in my career; madly in love and in a relationship but not married; Feeling the need to be independent yet living with my parent; etc. Running is the only thing I have in my life right now that I can fully control and can enjoy guilt free. 

Oh here is a song I’ve been loving on my runs:

Adele “Rolling in Deep”

"I have met my hero, and he is me."

- George Sheehan

It was cold and snowy that day, and I didn’t have any running shoes.

On January 27, 1987, my mother nearly had a home birth because of the blizzard just outside the door. 24 years later and we have a similar scenario… I woke this Birthday morning to find another 19” blanketing my lawn. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t hate it. I spent this birthday cozy in bed with Netflix and my pets.

By the afternoon my vegetative state just got too boring. I decided to break out my new Garmin Forerunner for nice run to see the aftermath of said snow. I haven’t started my 1/2 marathon training program with a local running company, but I want to make sure I can make it through the first weeks of the program without too much anguish. I’m still trying to adjust from 8 years as a sprinter and jumper, but I am starting to appreciate the benefits, physical and psychological, of distance running more and more.

I headed over to a county park where I knew the roads would have been plowed. Great decision! I couldn’t believe how beautiful the park looked covered in snow - about 2 feet of it. It was a real life winter wonderland, the kind of scene you use as your computer background. (Who says NJ isn’t a beautiful state.)

The air was clean, crisp, and cool. The asphalt was a deep beautiful black contrasting the clean untouched snow mounted on the sides of the road. The park is heavily populated with maple trees, the snow managed to accumulate on the branches so beautifully it caught the sunlight perfectly to reflect little “pings” of light. My Vibram encased feet seemed to move effortlessly over the road. I was loving the run, enjoying every step and feeling the fun factor I had had during high school track, something I realized I lost during my collegiate running career. I ran for 3.5 mi and still wishing the sun would have decided to stay out longer, just for today, for me. 

I have been so excited to start training, but this run has made me ecstatic! I’m ready to have fun, I’m ready accomplish immediate and long term goals, and I’m ready to conquer 13.1 mi.

"It was cold and snowy that day, and I didn’t have any running shoes." - Steve Jones, on his first run in Barry Wales

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